When you think your life sucks ...

Have a distant relative who until 5 years ago had a great life, highly respected police officer, good family, hot wife.

He worked out in rural Australia. Got stung by a mosquito that just so happened to be carrying one of those rare one in a million diseases. Turned him into a complete vegetable, now he needs 24/7 care. He can't talk or feed himself and is confined to a wheelchair probably for the rest of his life.

Found out the other day the poor bastard was on his way to physical therapy, his carer had him outside the house but left something inside. Went inside but forgot to put brake on wheelchair, he rolls down the driveway and the chair topples onto the road. He completely smashed his jaw and breaks most of his fingers, had to have 5 hours of surgery.

Here I am feeling like shit because I was pissed I didn't have time to go to BJJ today.
Helps put shit into perspective.... Damn Phone Post 3.0

Dwelling on life complaints breeds weakness. In any situation, acknowledge the suck and never mention it again.

Good post OP. Phone Post 3.0