When you were in HS where did kids fight?

I grew up in a small town. 750 people kinda thing. One four way stop in town.

We got in huge trouble if fights happened on school grounds so we had a couple other places.

One was a park down the road from school. That one got use for group fights. Jocks vs skids. That kinda thing. Old ladies called the cops all the time there.

Behind the co-op was the other place was. It was actually between the co-op grocery store and the co-op lumber yard. That was where most tilts took place. It was more secluded and held a good crowd.

It was pretty well known in town too. If the old farmers on coffee row saw the kids streaming to the co-op after school or at lunch they knew something was up and would come watch. Guys would pull in driving down the road. It was like a town event.

You guys have places like that?

I was home last summer and saw that the place is still there, and there's a new better fence so it's harder to see from Main Street. I wonder if the kids still go there.

Do kids even challenge one another to fights at 3:30 anymore?? Phone Post 3.0

Across the street at the red barn.

Like men...right then, right there.

Park or practice football field.

Me and my brother would go over to another guys house and fight him and his brother for fun. Phone Post 3.0

At my school the Mexicans were mostly in gangs, and would try to jump you wherever they could, didn't matter where.

The blacks at my school would sucker punch you wherever they could. I got sucker punched on the basketball court a few times, and once in the locker room.

White kids typically wouldn't fight with anyone, except in the locker room or football field when they were far bigger than someone. I had wrestlers and football players who were seniors try to start shit with me and other freshmen.

I got into a lot of high school fights, but it was always because I was defending myself against either poor Mexicans, arrogant Blacks, or White kids who were twice my size.

I didn't get big until after high school. I grew another few inches and gained a lot of muscle through my early 20's. I've seen a few pieces of shit from high school over the years, and it's like all of them shrunk.

There was a Black kid who played football for our school. His brother went to the NFL. The kid was expected to also go pro in something, so he played 4 sports for our school, but lived way out of our district, and he was a fucking asshole. He started some shit with me once in a computer class. He was like twice my size, and I told him as a human he didn't belong around normal people and would be better off dead.

Ironically enough, about 2 years out of high school he was set-up by one of his friends in the hood and shot and killed at a service station. I didn't feel even remotely bad for him, he was a fucking asshole. In fact, I am still glad that piece of shit ended up shot.

By a van, down by the river.

theFLYnTACO - Like men...right then, right there.

Pretty much this. Don't be scared, homie!

People who were afraid to get in trouble went down by the lower basketball courts where everyone smoked.

Behind the gym. There was a ditch 15 feet away which made for a cool obstacle if anyone started rolling around. Phone Post 3.0

everywhere lol

hallways, right in the middle of the classroom, on the hood of one of the teacher's cars, downtown etc.

if it was after school it was at the smoke pit

Church pavillion across the street or right there, usually the latter. Phone Post 3.0

theFLYnTACO - Like men...right then, right there.
You city kids be crazy!!

Right there right now fights happened too. Just not as common as the I'll see you at 3:30 fights. Phone Post 3.0

dogtown road

A park, an old country road, or the wrestling room in a downstairs part of the high school. Saw a hick call a black dude the N word once, they agreed to meet in the wrestling room... I'm assuming the hick hasn't said the N word since. Fucking brutal. Phone Post 3.0

Sometimes I wish life was still like that.

There's some dudes at work that I'd like to tell "I'll see you after work behind the co-op, cuntbag!" too. Phone Post 3.0

At school in the locker room.

Out of school at the park by the yellow bridge. Phone Post 3.0

McDonald's across the street after football games or we'd go over to the JV/practice field away from the cops patrolling the game.

In Jr high fights always happened behind the old Safeway building across the street. Hell we even had a friend's dad that would always drive his van behind and watch the fights. The winner always got a ride home as to not get picked up by the cops right away. Phone Post 3.0

The old cotton gin 2 blocks from school Phone Post 3.0

In class, lol. Happened a lot. Phone Post 3.0