When you're confronted on the street, and . . .

. . . you're sure a fight is about to happen, what do you say to your opponent?

Things I've actually heard:

I'm the last guy in the world you want to fuck with.

You're not leaving here until I kick your ass.

If we fight, I'm going to hurt you really bad.

Do you know who I am?

Other ideas:

Put in your mouthpiece, raise your fists and say, "Let's go".

Ask if they told their family goodbye. :-)

Just curious.

 Please don't hurt me, I got kids?

I'll fuck you till u love me.




From the movie Road House:

"I used to fuck guys like you in prison."

Don't make me bleed, I've got AIDS

Go ahead, start something hit me...I f*ckin dare you. Hit me so I can kick your ass. One punch, just one punch...

...and if it's a good one I'm gonna bleed all over that nice shirt of yours. But BRING IT!

Bubbamaker - From the movie Road House:

"I used to fuck guys like you in prison."

I purposely fuck this line up all the time....variations of " I used to fuck tattoos older than you in prison boy"... or " I m gonna fuck prison boys with tatoos bigger than you..."

I saw this one, too:

Say nothing, spit in their face and punch them.

I think my new one will be:

"Hold on. I've gotta get out my notes from the UG."

"Don't mess with me bub, I trane UFC"

"better bring your pillow, cuz your about to take a nap" used that one before when i was drunk but there wasnt never a fight

How about, "My hands are registered as lethal weapons."

"Please don't break my glasses"

 GOOGLEme bitch!!!!!!

"I've got snipers on top of the buildings."

"i'll pop your eye out"

Now that one would scare me.