Where 2go 4 visitors visa 4 Brazil

I need to get a visa for Brazil ASAP for Buck and I. I had one about 9 years ago. Where do I go.

American Consolate, or Brazilian, or is it eaiser than that?


you can get passports and visas through them as fast as overnight.

2nd that on american passport.com I got my passport from them and everything went very smooth. from intially clicking on the website to actually receiving my passport was a matter of about 3-4 business days if i remember correctly.

very professional and did exactly what they said they would. good customer service and they will keep you advised of status.

go to the brazilian consulate. you can get it the day after you apply.


Renzo Gracie Association

Brazilian Consulate General in Los Angeles
8484 Wilshire Blvd., suites 711/730
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Phone: (323) 651-2664
Fax: (323) 651-1274
E-mail: visas@brazilian-consulate.org

Chris this where you need to go ASAP!!
Have fun..



Thanks guys. I am on it.

www.travisa.com is fast too

CB- what are you and buck going to Brazil for and where are you guys going to stay?


We are going so Buck can fight in the "Jungle" show on the Amazon and I am probably staying in a grave by the end of the weekend.

Chris is he fillin in for Thomas?

CB- Tell old Buck that I say good luck. Go to the adress I put above and you guys can get your visa right there. Its easy its in the "Larry Flint" building. lol


Brazilian Consulate...


And if you need more advice


Cool! Im glad I was finally able to hook one of your guys up with a fight (thru Wallid). I wish he was having some lighter weights in his show so that another guy I know could go down there and kick some ass.

Yes he should be replacing Thomas and fighting Macaco.

Thanks Andre

is buck a dog?

Chris let us know how you, and your fighter are treated (Im talking about behind the scenes) from Wallid.

thanks...and it aint meant in NO WAY to start shit on here. Im just interested in how the jungle fight treats its fighters backstage and pre fight.


This service looks fast as well.