Where are all the Judo/Sambo gyms in Greenville SC

Earlier this year I started training in Judo at an MMA gym. Tjdg did away with that program. I was in it just long enough to become completelu addicted. Ive done extensive research and found no other options. Hapkido didnt really strike me. Sambo seems to be similar enough. Does anyone know of any gyms, clubs, or private instructors accepting new students? I am willing to travel around 30 min in any direction from Simpsonville.

Honestly man, as a former resident of Columbia, you're most likely screwed. Best bet would be to check your local universities, see if one has a judo club up and running. Other than that, judo isn't strong in SC until you hit the coastline.

There are two judo peeps that moved to Columbia, SC from RI. Erin Thomas (woman) and a russion guy whose name I can't remember right now. They came up and trained with us a few times before I got hurt. They were running a judo program out of a BJJ club. If you want, I can try to get the info for you, if they are still there.

There is also, from what I recall, I pretty good BJJer in Simpsonville, but I can't remember his name right now. I can get that if you would like also.

It just came to me, his name is Oleg Uvarov.

Columbia is about 1.25hrs away unfortunately. stephen thompson matthew peck or james linic? are all killer BJJ dudes in this area. I miss training training so much. very eager to get back on the mat.

on second thought I will take the judo folks' contact info if its no trouble. I tried BJJ. it wasnt fun for me at all. thanx for your help.

email me at pete_pelter at vanguard.com

South Carolina State Organization
Dr. Ronald A. Charles, President
113 Camellia Rd.
Goose Creek, SC 29445
Phone: 843-553-6702

Found this on the USA judo website.

http://scjudo.com Is a website for judo in South Carolina with local clubs listed.

I peruse those sites every week in hopes of seeing a new place open up near me. It appears I am S.O.L for the time being. I appreciate all of you pitching in here. I hope that if you happen to hear of a place in the Greenville area of SC open up, that you would drop me a line. My email is ogoshi1979@gmail.com. Thanks again.

I thought Charleston judo club in Macedonia would be the closest. I think it is around 50 miles.

Charleston Judo Club:Macedonia

Contact -- Leonard Carter, 6th dan; 843-565-4705 ; jackie@homesc.com Tuesday and Friday, 7-8:30 pm

That is over three hours away. I am in the northeast section of SC. Just south of Greenville. The closest ones are the USC Judo club in Columbia and Samurai which is in Aiken. Both of them are near 1 and 1/2 hours away. Samurai is actually rated number one judo dojo in the US according to usja-judo.org. It kills me. There used to be a couple places in my area but I guess its not popular enough. TKD, Karate, KB,Aikido, and BJJ is all over the place here. None of which I am interested in. I just can't catch a break. Thanks again though for all your pitching in.

did you get my emails.

I thought Greenville was in the north-west section of SC. That is why I suggested what I did. Sorry and hope you eventually get a judo club closer to your home.

I did thanks pete. I actually as a last ditch wffort contacted my former sensei last night he told me today he is starting class back up in the start of 2012. I am jacked right now. time to dust my gi off

cool, good luck.

so apparently he made a fool of me again. Once again no one responds to me. I have started up Nihon Goshin Aikido. Apparently it is a mixture of japanese martial arts including techniques from classical aikido, karate, and judo. It's been fun so far but not the same. Anyone aware of any new judo dojos opening up please keep me informed. At least I'm back on the mat throwing again. Even if the throws are much softer.

I am a brown belt in judo and teach at Rilion Gracie BJJ in Greer. You are more than welcome to come

I am a brown belt , One rank below black, under Dr Ronald Allen Charles. He got his black belt from Sensei Kotani who was awarded his black belt from Kano himself, the creator of Judo. Both Dr Charles and Sensei Kotani received their black belts in Japan at the Kotokan where Judo was created. I teach judo at Rilion Gracie BJJ in Greer, SC In the Greenville area. I am a standing member with the USjudo association. 5/6/2021