Where are pics of Florida KOTC?

I have recently noticed pictures of the last KOTC in Florida being posted on here and elsewhere. Could someone please tell me where y'all are getting them from. They all look to have been taken by the same photographer and I was wanted to see some of my fight with Wilson. I saw a few of them after the fight and they looked awesome. Any info would be greatly appreciated.Thank you,
Rory Singer

Hey y'all could you please help me out. Charles and Seth, where did you find the pics of your fights.

Frank, What's with the Blue?


Thanks Seth. I think Chris is down in Mexico right now. Not sure though. I will have to give him a call.


Well, in that case, I would like to get siome of my PICs of my fight.... TTT for some PICs from the Fla. KOTC!!!!

I got mine from chris also.. find him on AIM. IM me at supermangtc for more info.

Are there any video clips of your fight Rory?



Rory never fought that event, is all a figment of his imagination!!!!

LOL@Carlao. Abrigado mi amigo :).

Leaving work soon Charles. I tried to call you. Number isn't working. Send me an email with a number I can reach you at.


Carlao, do you have fight footage of my fight with Dustin Denes....or should I say supposed fight with Dustin Denes LOL.

No the Denes fight is real!

Nah, the event promoter kept all the footage for that card.