Where are the Wisniewski fans?

At leat once a week, the Wisniewski internet warriors start a "get Kieth into the UFC" thread. I have read these once a week for the past 3 years. Now Keith is finally in, and where have you guys gone. I can only assume you guys have been celbrating so hard that you are too intoxicated to post your joy. So I will start.

Congrats Keith, kick some ace!

congrats. the dude is badass.

Time to shine baby!

Awesome news! congrats Keith.

vs Joe Riggs right? Tough first fight in the UFC, good luck!

Keith is in? holy shit

the goat should be next

he certainly deserves the shot. riggs will be a tough opponent, but keith
will do well.


Fan right here.

congrats. represent the midwest well.

Congrats Keith... you deserve the shot my man!

ttt for the lil Wis....

Congrats Keith.

I heard a rumor that it was going to be Riggs vs. Nick.

I guess Nick is next in line after Keith.

Good luck Keith. The Tulsa Top Team is behind you.

And, Joe Silva, get Nick in there ASAP

Congrats Keith. That's great news. the 170's have a lot of new exciting fighters.

Outstanding news. Keith I will be routing for you to show that you belong in the big show

Good luck from all the gays at AFS

Good luck Keith! Show'em how it's done Portage-Style!

Patrick "The guy who had to convince Keith that the knee-on-stomach would really work in a fight" Robinson.


Has this been confirmed yet?

Congrats. Keith by brutal beatdown.

I talked to Riggs and he said they offered the fight to Nick but he turned it down, so Keiths gets it. Keith is a solid fighter, but I think Riggs will take it. Good luck to both.