where are they now?

Tom Erikson, Yoshihiro Takayama, Frank Shamrock, Phillip Miller, Shungo Oyama, Kenichi Yamamoto, Jay R Palmer...

it's been over a full year since any one of these guys fought MMA...does anyone know if they plan to continue fighting or not? Do any of them have fights coming up?

somebody really wants to know where JR Palmer is? Try Waiulua Hi. LOL

Ericksson showed up in K1, being KTFO by Briggs. WTF ??

I read that Yamamoto had some sort of brain problem and needs to retire.

"Where is the kickboxing dude from 'Choke'? "

Todd Hayes---He was an Olympic Medalist in Bobsledding...now he is the figurehead owner and spokesperson for Moveforfree.com. His commercials play all the time down here in ATL.

Moveforfree.com - I went there for the heck of it. Pretty cool.

its weird how people abandon their martialarts career.

Nick Nutter is ficussing on his family at the moment instead of fighting

"its weird how people abandon their martialarts career."

Can't tell if you're kidding or not. If it doesn't pay the bills, or barely does, and the constant training and fighting stops being fun ((never mind the injuries or potential for injuries)), then moving on is the right decision.

thanks for the replies so far...anyone else have more info on any of these guys?

Shamrock is this close *holds fingers really close together* to signing with Pride....for the third year in a row.

Takayama, Oyama, and Palmer are action fighters who are great to watch fight! Not everyone has to be the best in the world.

"didn't frank fight in march?"

March of LAST year I beleive

"tom erickson is retired from mma "


Not quite-- he will have a K-1 MMA fight sometime in 2004.


"Erickson and Miller can put even the rowdiest, most fired up crowd to sleep"


Out of all Big Cat's MMA/NHB fights he has had 2 go the distance--one boring fight with Goodridge--one draw with Busta.Beyond those two--every fight has been finished win or lose.


Tom has offered to fight 2 NHB fights in the last month at bargain basement prices just to get some NHB work. Neither one worked out--they never got back to him.



Erikson just fought a few months ago, and I doubt he has retired.

TAKAYAMA!!!!!!One of the funniest men in all of MMA history!I would love to see him fight again the guy is a funny man to watch!His battles with Fujita, Schilt, and Frye are some of the funniest and sweetest matches I have seen!The match with Frye was crazy they went at it like hockey players for a minute and they were just pounding away at each other and it was great!

JR Palmer is alive and well, working 9 to 5 and living the family life. I talk to him all the time and he still trains and lives on the east coast. He also tells me he is ALWAYS ready to fight ANYONE with the normal 21 day notice (LOL) So if any promoters out there need someone to step up and bang at 165lbs AND UP email me at scottddd@aol.com Aloha Deshawn "3D" Johnson

I allways like when Bozo Pailing KTFO JR Palmer, fell like a sack of potatos!!

"Erickson is far from retired...no one will fight him."

"Out of all Big Cat's MMA/NHB fights he has had 2 go the distance--one boring fight with Goodridge--one draw with Busta.Beyond those two--every fight has been finished win or lose."

Okay, these comments are interesting. Most people fall under two headings when in comes to the Big Cat:

People who love him and think everyone's ducking him, and people who think he's the most boring fighter they've ever seen.

The truth is, Tom is a great wrestler and a huge guy, who hits very hard and has terrible striking technique. Yes, he has finished in 8 of his 9 wins and sports a 9-1-1 record, but the best guy he ever beat was Randleman, whom he outwieghted by 75pds. Other then that, he has a decision over Goodridge and a win over catalfo, and six fights with bonefied nobodys.

Tim is a great wrestler and one of MMA's strongest guys. He is not, and never was, a great MMA fighter.

KR weighted 240? Are you sure? He's 5'8-5'9 and always came in between 210-225 at heavy.