where arlovski fits in?

if he beats werdum, who would or should or would you like to see him fight next? this next fight is very critical for him i believe he he doesnt want to be shadowed by the new heavyweight division. i think if he wins he should maybe the loser of crocop/gonzaga or maybe vera. if he loses, heath herring or kongo/hardonk. what do you guys think?

what about big nog vs andrei arlovski? arlovski has never been submitted and is a master of sambo(fedor) i want to see the pit bull get some big wins.


If he beats Werdum and Mino wins his UFC debut, I think Mino/Arlovski is the natural fight to set up.

Andrei by Fence Grabbing

right here!!!!

I hadn't even thougt about a NOG - ARLOVSKI fight. That'd be an awesome match.

keep this going. my whole house are pitbull fans. i hope he does well. i want him to beat fabricio even though i like him. i also think that if he can beat werdum he can beat nog. who should be nogs fist fight? werdum has no easy way in. what about nog vs tim sylvia?

Is that Andrei's G-friend? That was f-ing hilarious!

i'll have to pick werdum to beat arlovski. if he wins though, tomato can is correct: mino-arlovski

if he does like he did vs pe de pano he will lose. he tried to go lock for lock. sprawl and brawl and he will beat werdum. im nervous for both guys.