Where best place to buy gi in GTA?

I need to buy my first bjj gi. Any recommendations on where and what to buy in the GTA? I see ads for single/double/gold weave but am not sure which weave to get.

Thanks in advance!


I suggest MMAGear.com. I've bought from them many times. About 1 week to get your order + no extra duty/custom charges. With the current exchange rate you can get a Machado Hybrid gi for $130Cdn.

[source Mkimonos.com]

What is Gold Weave fabric?

Gold Weave fabric was intitially demanded by the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Confederation in order to standardize gi's for competitions. Eventhough it is not required anymore, it has become an industry standard. It is a very resistant fabric, but still light and comfortable.

What is a Hybrid Weave?

The Hybrid Weave Gi is a new product developed by Marcelo Machado. The fabric is lighter than a Double Weave, but stronger than a conventional Single Weave. It affords maximum strength without being overly heavy.

What is Single Weave?

A fabric that is not yet married. Just kidding... The Single Weave is what we call in Brazil, the light weave. It has the same twisting as the double weave, but it is lighter.

What is Summer Weave?

The Summer Weave is made with a non-twisted fabric, different than the other weaves. Because of that, it is extremely light, but still has strength to it. Summer Weave Gi's are for training on the hottest days.

What is Double Weave?

The Double Weave is the strongest and most durable gi that we offer. Unfortunately, it is heavy and can be hot to train in.



Thanks for all the info! So, you don't get hit with a Customs fee when ordering from the U.S.? I have had this happen for other products.

Check out Showdown for sure, great products and the service is fantastic

Showdown, toraki ( its a judo gi)

NG, no customs charges. I've ordered from them 4 times for myself and once for a friend. I forgot to mention no shipping charges as well. With the exchange rate everything is a steal.

email Kaskk at kashkbjj@hotmail.com

I think he has KF fighter gi's in stock. You can drop by and try one on for size. That a huge benfit when buying a gi.

e-mail scottschilling@cogeco.ca Real Machado GI's from Brazil in stock. mkimonos are not Machados, they are mkimonos. Different GI's all together.

I have a mkimonos Brown Belt. I bought it from the mkimonos web site thinking it was a real Machado belt. I was very disapointed with the quality. It was alot thinner then a real Machdo Belt. On the mkimonos Gi, a cheap knock off! the stiched logo's are way smaller as well. DONT WAST YOUR MONEY ON MKIMONOS!
If you want a Real Macahdo contact me I have all sizes in stock. Guys dont forget, you see a price of $100. U.S. and go ooooooo! it is so much cheaper then here. I have people telling me that they got there GI for $130. CAN Nonsence. 1)Exchange 2)Shipping&Handeling 3)Taxes 4)Customs Duties 5) U.P.S. Brokrage Fees(UPS=u people Suck)bunch of crooks. Then do all the math and then see how much your GI cost to get it here from the states. I know, I was born and raised there. My belt was $15. U.S. Great deal right? WRONG, $61.00 BUY THE TIME I RECIEVED IT AND THE PRODUCT WAS CRAP ON TOP OF THAT. Just want to help every one to be aware.

Scott, I never had that experience with MKimonos. I have personally met Luciano Machado when I was in Philadelphia and bought one of my gis off of her (the white one I wear to class with the Behring patch). I am sure if you addressed the problem with her it will be fixed.

But in any case, the $100US gi I was referring to and recommending to NewGrappler is from MMAGear.com, a different company altogether. I bought my black Machado hybrid off them and have had no problems. They ship from Brazil and they have never charged me shipping and always label the package as gift so I never get charged customs/duty and all that other BS. So the price I paid is EXACTLY what is on the web.

Although Luciana is a cool kat and all, I NOW buy from MMAGear.com and not MKimonos since it is much cheaper.

This is just my experience. Hope it's clear.

Hey Gil, I was not referring specifically to your post. It has just been what I have heard from many sources. I am also just posting my experience. I think it is sad that Canadian Martial Artists have to rely on illegal tactics in order to get good value for the dollar. As far as Luciano Machado goes, she is a wonderfull person, but the product is the product and it is not up to par with the Machado gear I have been dealing with. The belts are thinner and longer then avarage belts for the same price. Mkimonos Gear is of a lesser quality then Machado Gear BOTTOM LINE!

I have both a Machado from Brazil (bought at their factory by a friend) and one from Mkimonos (neither had a belt). They seem almost identical to me other than the embroidery, which as Scott Schilling says, is far less on the Mkimonos. I'm by know means an expert in textiles, so that's just a lay/user perspective.

With free shipping MMAGEAR usually provides the best value. I bought a friend an Atama Single Unbleached for his birthday and with exchange, shipping, and GST from customs, it came out to as much if not a little more than many gold weaves off MMAGEAR.

However, also as Scott Shilling says, cheapest is not always best for some people, who consider factors like buying local or supporting certain vendors/schools.

I wish I could support the Showdown Crew and get a nice Showdown GI. But unfortunately there GI is still too expensive for me. It's not there fault, there GI's are good quality anf they just can't mass produce them I guess, which is too bad.

I bought a Blue Keiko Raca off MMAGEAR and it was quick getting here and is great. The pants are fantastic, very durable adnthick. You can get good GI's offline for under $140 Canadian now.

try Showdown Gis, awesome quality!


"Showdown, toraki ( its a judo gi)" - KashK, what do you mean by this?

I have and use the Showdown Gi and I love it! I fully recommend it!

NOT LETTUCE - he was talking about two different brands, Showdown and then a Judo gi by Toraki. I have the Toraki Judo gi and it's pretty damn good quality.

TTT the Gi game is the best!