Where Can I Buy THE DVD's.........

other than online with Credit Cards?? i ripped all mine up for personal reasons so i pay with cash which obviously cant be done online.

are there places i can look at to carry some of these?

sorry guys, thanks.


i know the title sounds like the first one, you all probly think im nuts..

i suck at titles...

I dont think walmart carries these are there any retail places to buy them?


Can you order products online with those american express gift cards? If so, buy one for yourself (with a high amount) and get busy.

Try ebay.  Sometimes you can get some pretty good deals.  I bought Day of the Zen a few weeks ago for $12. 

Ask Roy Harris and Micheal Jen directly. They post here.

National city bank, charter one bank have visa, & mastercards that you can purchase for $2.95 fee. you can put as much as you want on there & use it where all credit cards are accepted, including all internet transactions. If you dont have those 2 banks. Try your other banks will have them.

set up a PayPal account.

Money Order.