where can i find my "ideal" weight

well right now i weight 190 but im not in the best of shape. i plan on doing some tournaments in the future and i think i would be best as a lightweight which someone told me for my frame thats what i should be at
my diet is getting better because im just not eating as much bad stuff as i used to and i train jiu-jitsu 2 times a week for right now

i am 19 years old, 5'10", my wrists are 7 inches thick

i tend to drink a lot of caffeine because it's the only way i can wake up

2-3 hours in jiu-jitsu very intense

i run and lift weights

and im a salesman for a living

i run just about every day for at least a mile and i run i don't jog unless it's really hot

and i just lift weights to tone not to put on muscle mass so not much weights i mainly work on my chest and stomach and i do that 2 or 3 times a week depending on when i get off work

my resperation is ok at best but thats because i just quit smoking about 5 months ago and i find it getting better everyday

my diet is usually pretty good i eat a lot of steak, fruits, and vegetables but since im in sales sometimes i don't have time for a good meal and have to settle with fast food.

my height is 5'11" and i was wondering where i can find out how much im supposed to weigh

thank you