Where Can I Get the "E" In ECA Stack?

Hear about this all the time being the ultimate way to shed weight in a hurry (going to Vegas next month) but I thought ephedra was off the market?

Before I get a "Google is your friend" comment, I've been trying to find a consensus online and the information is either very dated or in direct conflict with every other piece of information.

i use a bronchial medicine from walgreens.. each pill has 12.5 ephedrine.. i use 2 getting the 25 mgs.. ephedrine hcl is the ingrediant to look for going the OTC counter route

^No prescription needed?

OTC (Over The Counter)= no prescription...but they may ask for i.d. (depending on your state) to make sure you're not buying meth-lab-sized quantities.

Cool, thanks guys. I'm going to hook this up, for a brief period.

Picked up all of the ingredients for 1+ month's supply for <$20.

By comparison, all of the thermogenics were $50 or as high as $70 in some cases.

All the Vegas pool parties will be closed in a month. Eat, drink, be merry.