Where can I learn to do 3d printing & cnc milling?

Since the OG is plethora of info, I thought I'd ask to see where to start my journey as far as getting/using a 3d printer, and maybe also a CNC milling machine later down the line? Not as a profession, but to make DIY and hobby type stuff? I've heard that there are now consumer level 3d printers that are pretty good, but you still have to know what programs to use with them and know how to use those programs. Same with CNC milling devices. Is there like a trade school program that teaches this stuff or would I have to learn it from finding YouTube instructionals and topic specific online discussion boards? Don't know how much I want to spend yet. I assume it would be in the thousands but don't know what the cut off point is for a hobbyist vs pro level.

There are community maker spaces that let people come in and tinker with the stuff or they have training It might be at a local community/tech school or a business hosts it or you might not have any in your area, but look for that.