Where Can I See The Blender?


I read about the "blender" technique in your BYOB Manual. Do you have a video that shows this technique in action?

DId you get the companion video TAKE IT TO THE STREETS {there should be a clip on there}

Next important reframe: Its actually NOT a technique [many confuse it as 'our' version of a 'straight blast' in principle. But the blender is not a sequenced action, its a motion, an attitude, a process [and processor] of aggressively chewing up an opponent. It can and does at times 'blend' elbows, rakes, head butts, bits, pulls, shoves and the kitchen sink. But its based on our CWCT model.

I do it on many videos in spontaneous demos, the point is its always differnet baed on the angle of entry and the energy of the threat.

So think of the 'blender' as a metaphor.

Or as I'm fond of saying in seminars:

"You are the blender, your opponent is the bannana."


Great saying! =)

FYI: Ordered the SPEAR video today. I'm looking forward to it!

Cool! ENjoy.