Where can i watch UFC 60 in ottawa

I would like to know where can i watch UFC 60 in Ottawa this W-E.

Stéphane Dubé

Patow's. Just watch out for the tattoo guy.



Most of the Ronin Guys go to the Bar LOCAL HERO's.
most locations show the UFC.


Don Cherry's on Rideau St. (at King Edward) usually shows UFC events as does the New Edinburgh Pub on Beechwood at the Vanier Parkway. Early this month a bartender at the New Edinburgh Pub told me they're going to be showing UFC 60 but you might want to call to confirm.

Hey Stéphane,

If you are in town you should stop by Ronin and train on Friday night or Saturday morning.

Send me an e-mail at wade@ronin-mma.com and I will let you know where we are all going to go to watch the fights.


Ronin MMA

You can watch it in Kingston at my house, seriously that would be cool, maybe I could learn to block headkicks??

TTYL, Greg Compton

Thank for the invitation Greg, but i will be in Hull/Ottawa for the weekend.

WKA Canadien qualifier for world championship.

Thank Wade for the invitation, i might show up tonight at Ronin.

Stéphane Dubé

Speaking of...where the hell IS Patow?

I'm alive Dougie, just really fackin' busy.

Crazyhook and I will be watching the fights at Local Heroes on Clyde (Merivale) on Saturday. They have a huge back room with a big screen.


You never call, you never write...what ever happened to "us" man?


It was nice of you to come and visit me when I was in London a few weeks back Dougie.

I'm still sulking............


Oh! OH! Like I even knew you were in town because YOU NEVER CALLED!

...as if the fact I have no phone is an excuse...

Fine, you be that way.

Hey Stéphane,

Feel free to stop by tonight, it is MMA sparring so you will be able to get in a good workout for your fight on the 30th.  Come in around 6:00-6:30.






lol @ dougie the drama queen

Why you gotta be like that Gracie Killah?

LOL u want to say sorry or somthing.. and its killar get it right lol jesus man