Where can one find a used cage?

 Commision is comming to Indiana and I'm just wondering if it would easier to buy a new cage.

And ideas???


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Link from above

Most commissions coming in are requiring 2 doors, most used cages don't have this as well as most used cages don't meet commission requirements a lot of times.

Depending on the size you are looking for, and I'd stay away from 8 sided cages, it's just going to cost you yearly fees and fees per show through Zuffa to use it (they trademarked the 8 sided fighting platform). I'd stick with a 6 sided mma cage.

Few words of advice on shopping around. COMPARE STEEL, COMPARE VINYL and warranties. And above all else, if they are in TX, stay as far away from those companies as you can, NJ as well.

Rings and Cages, Inc www.ringsandcages.com gives you higher grade steel than anyone else is using throughout the entire cage. We also give you 22oz vinyl where everyone else in the industry uses 18oz. Color coded, first to do slot and groove systems that many others are just now starting to use.

Basically I OVERDO THE LIVING HELL OUT OF MY CAGES and still keep a lower price INCLUDING WOOD FLOORING, than anyone in the industry that is reputable.

So basically you get a higher grade cage, with flooring at a lesser price than anyone else out there WITH a warranty.

Right now, I can get you into a 20' 6 sided cage with 2 doors for 7500 to 7800 depending on the flooring option you wanted.