where can the b.c. guys fight now

Im sure most fighters wont want to fight in those other shows now so where do we fight,guys like me just getting back into the sport arent good enough to fight across the country or in the states yet.This was our chance.The best to all B.C. fighters/promoters especially my coaches and fellow training partners who worked there butts off right here in B.C.Thank you

Alberta needs to step up its cards now. Fuck MFC or whatever it is now. Let's hope AFC can really take off, and hope SUAF can get out here.

I think it's unfortunate for the fighters who have trained so hard expecting that they would be competing this weekend.

We will soon see what happens as me and Bill head to Venon anyway to see what is really going on. Our XFC event is full commission sanctioned so we will see if that is effected or not. We will meet with our commissioners and MLA members as soon as we return to clear this matter up if at all possible. We are limited to basically 1 show per year so that doesnt off alot of comfort for all those with a need to compete.

We will keep you posetd on BC happenings from our end.

I would like to offer my condolences to the Vernon Gang. When Jason called to tell the Lethbridge boyz not to bother coming out...You should have seen the PISSED off guys!!! Not just pissed that they were no longer taking a trip, but pissed at the petty, shelfish, low self-esteemed party responsible for such an idiotic & malicious act.

All I can say is Lee Mein has the date of March 13, 2004 booked for the next Roadhouse Rumble in Lethbridge. We would love to have all of the BC fighters here for this card!