Where can we see UFN weigh ins

Are the UFN weigh ins going to be available for us to watch...or is that only for Saturday (ppv) events? thanks in advance.

Right on Cityboy.

Pretty pumped to see this event.

MMAWeekly is updating them sorta live.... just put up the Johnson Speer weigh ins.

Welterweight Bout
Roman Mitichyan - 170.5
George Sotiropoulos - 169.5

Welterweight Bout
Anthony Johnson - 169.5
Tommy Speer - 170

That's it so far, somebody else can take over I gotta jet from work in a few.

Lightweight Bout
Samy Schiavo - 155
Clay Guida - 156

Lightweight bout
Jeff Cox - 155
Manny Gamburyan - 155.5

Lightweight bout
Ryan Roberts - 155.5
Marcus Aurelio - 154.5

James Irvin - 205
Houston Alexander - 205

Irvi's going to die. Houston finally weighs 205... uh oh.

Damn what a great card. Really wish Maynard/Edgar fight was on the main card. These 2 could be FOTN...potentially...!

Be First Joe!!