Where did all the mods go? See its fine if I threa

-ten to break the forum then you lot all come out the woodwork but any other day and its tumbleweeds in mod town...

I just want to ask if one of you could let Kirik know he has email?



Santo Amaro - 
Thanks guys!

In Phone Post 3.0

Pretty sure I'm a mod. What do you need? Phone Post 3.0

TryhardNobody - Habitual line stepper

Thanks guys - email to Kirik is about Dantas and a video for the UG

Appreciate the help

Sagiv Lapkin - 

That King Trav guy took care of it.

I bet King Trav is one of the Top Men we keep hearing about.

Nitecrawler - Phone Post 3.0
LOL Phone Post 3.0