Where did Andy Wang get his BB?

I dont know much about him who did he get his black belt under?

I dunno...But whoever it was, they were screaming "TAKE HIM DOWN!!" at there television last night.

not BJ Penn

LOL @ I dunno...But whoever it was, they were screaming "TAKE HIM DOWN!!" at there television last night.
I bet it changed in round 2 to, JUST PULL GUARD JUST PULL GUARD....

I'm guessing Allen Goes or Justin McCully by his performance last night

Andrei Arlovski

From his website andywang.tv, it doesn't really say who he received it from..

The Head Instructor of the Taiwan BJJ Academy and R1 Training Center is Andy Wang. Andy was originally born in Taipei, Taiwan but immigrated with his family to Los Angeles, CA. as an infant. While growing up in the predominately ethnic neighborhood of Harbor City, Andy at a young age realized the practicality and usefulness of self-defense and the mental strength and freedom that comes with it. Andy began studying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with the famous Machado Brothers in Los Angeles after watching a tape of the early Ultimate Fighting Championships. Having no motivation other than self-defense, Andy quickly fell in love with the competition aspect as it gave him a chance to truly develop his physical, mental and spiritual life. The desire to improve his skills lead him to train with many noted BJJ instructors and teams such as the Relson Gracie Academy, Baret Yoshida Submission Wrestling, rAw Wrestling, Purebred Japan and of course, Grappling Unlimited Hawaii.

In 1997 Andy moved to Honolulu, Hawaii where he was studying History and Political Science at the University of Hawaii @ Manoa. It was a great move for several reasons, the most important being that Andy received a great education that he is very proud of and it also afforded him an opportunity to train with one of the fastest rising and well respected NHB teams in the world: Egan Inoue's Grappling Unlimited Hawaii.

After winning most of the major BJJ tournament championships at the Purple Belt level, Andy soon had the desire to train and become a professional fighter, which lead him to seek out the coaching of Egan Inoue, one of the most well-known and respected fighters in the Mixed Martial Arts community. Under Egan, Andy's training and technique truly flourished as he began to learn the little things that really make a technique effective in combat. The most important thing was Egan's belief that all styles have something good and worth learning. It was a lesson that Andy never forgot and helped his development as a martial artist, then and now. Under the guidance of Egan, Andy successfully made his professional NHB debut in SuperBrawl Hawaii on September 9th 2000. Andy has had the unique opportunity to train, compete and coach in NHB events around the world since and is a veteran of some of the most prestigious events such as the UFC's Ultimate Fighter Season 5, Shooto Japan, Pancrase Japan and Icon/Superbrawl.

Andy received his Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in May of 2004, which made him the ONLY Taiwanese to ever be promoted to this rank. He is ready and willing to share all of his techniques and competitive fighting experiences with his students with one goal in mind: to make his students the best they can possibly be.

In addition to Andy's BJJ and NHB career, he also was a World History and U.S. Government teacher at Los Angeles Senior High School. Andy loves and enjoys education and he plans to someday return to the education field as a Principal or Superintendent. Andy's current hobbies are learning how to burn CDs and trying to learn the intricacies of cooking.

Baret Yoshida I think


his wreslting was at wwww.takehimdownplease.com

"Andy's current hobbies are learning how to burn CDs"

well no wonder he doesn't have time to perfect his stand up

wtf? asian and doesnt know how to bootleg?

I'm gonna bring this up at the next meeting.