Where did Diggs thread go?

That was funny stuff! Phone Post

God damn it I missed it

Also, what is Diggs sn now

Was he banned?

Seraphin - 

I think he just got all his stuff deleted by asking a mod.

I'm sure he will or has changed his name again.

I change mine every month or so and get all my posts deleted, it's like an online enema, feels good brah

Likely Diggs.  Lying about shit and posting porn links.  AGAIN

He was a tool

Wes_Mantooth - He was a tool

Yeah and he was a mod at one point, froze me for calling him out about something. Did the "you know who I am?" Thing on my PM's. Still have the exchange. Good times. Phone Post

Diggs is Montana Moe this week

So what did he do??? Phone Post 3.0

Back again.........