Where did "Team Glamcock" go?

Just wondering where the shamfan,and the rest of his 15 year old minions went.

just wait about 3 weeks, hell be back talking about how shammy has been
training with chuck norris and that hes gonna tool tito, just like he was in
the first two fights but the refs stopped it early...im just looking into the
future here, pure speculation. i say give him time, he'll surface.

Wow you guys realy love to bash Shamrock. Quick question have any of you come close to accoplishing what he has? just wondering. I know for a fact that kyokushin hasn't done what Mr. Norris has yet he has no proublem throwing his name out there. Just for future referance Mr. Norris has a lot of students out there who are very loyal to a man who has never uttered a negitive word about any one, so next time you use his name to talk shit make sure one of us isn't going to read it. I find it very disrespectful to talk junk about two men that have moved the martial arts into the spot light so tools like you can have somthing to watch while your home dreaming about how tough you think you are.

Nice post Dthunder, Kyokushin86 you were owned

take it easy, that wasnt me talking, i was predicting what those other
guys were going to start saying once we got closer to the match, and if
u notice, not once did i bash norris, the fact that shamrock would train
with norris would be a big compliment to him or anyone else he chose
to train with, u turned it into an insult. i was only commenting on how
that guy, shamrock#1fan, or whatever his name was would always
come up with new ideas and rumors as to why shammy was gonna win
the rematch. i am in no way attempting to take anything away from
shammy, he has accomplished great feats and done way more than i
have in my lifetime but he is past his prime and tito is still in great
fighting shape and i have a good feeling this next fight will go the
same way as the past 2. so, again, i didnt bash norris, and i wouldnt
anyways, i got mad respect for him. u basically read my post and
interpreted it exactly how u wanted in order to view me as the bad guy.
read it again, there is no insult and i actually stated that training with
chuck would benefit him. so think what u want but ill put it on the
record that i respect both of these great men, just not the
shamrock#1fan type of guys who love to talk how jokingly did, so
relax, evrything is cool.

Dthunder needs some medication