where do all ufc show guys train?

where do all of these guys train? is there a website I can look them all up at? or another thread? thanks a lot in advance...

Go to the ufc.tv or .com website. There should be a link there for the show.


Even better, it's own website.

thanks a lot

Bobby Southworth and I train at the American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose California...

-Mike Swick-

hardcore guy Athens, Ga

I'm pretty sure Bobby is going to make it to that contract.

watch leben and swicks wec fight here i think? http://www.spiketv.com/shows/series/index.jhtml?seriesID=14176&refID=ultimatefighter


Left to right:

Josh Koscheck - AKA - 185 lbs (standing far left) note: he normally fights at 170 lbs

Sam Hoger - MFS - 205 lbs (in back) note: he dropped from heavyweight to lt. heavy for this tourney

Josh Rafferty - Meat Truck - 185 lbs (seated) note: he normally fights at 170 lbs

Mike Swick - AKA - 185 lbs(standing)

Forrest Griffen - The Hardcore Gym - 205 LBS (in back)

Ken Florian - Boston BJJ - 185 lbs (seated in front of Randy) note: he normally fights at 170 lbs

Randy Couture

Diego Sanchez - Jackson's Submission Fighting - 185 lbs (front bottom ) note: he had recently been fighting at 170 lbs

Lodune Sincaid - Gokor - 205 lbs (between Randy and Chuck in the back)

Chuck Liddell

Jason Thacker - not sure of team - 205 lbs (seated in front of Chuck)

Stephan Bonnar - Carlson Gracie - 205 lbs (tall dude in the back)

Nate Quarry - Team Quest 185 lbs (standing)

Alex Schoenaur - not sure of team - 205 lbs (standing in the back)

Alex Karalexis - South Shore Sport Fighting & Marc Laiman - 185 lbs (standing)

Chris Leben - Team Quest - 185 lbs (seated)

Bobby Southworth - AKA - 205 lbs (standing)

and far right Chris Sanford - Cesar Gracie - 205 lbs (standing) note: he had a fight or two at 185 lbs

I just cant help it.


wait a sec...are you saying Leben and Quarry have always trained with Randy? After all he's a team Quest con-founder isn't he?

thanks a lot crobar, i appreciate it.

MoneyC is a fast one. blew right past me.

where is the place that they are training at on the show, and who's house ist it all decked out like that?

They are training at a facility that Zuffa provided just for the show,same with the house.

Joey, is Melvin's fight still on in Japan?? Give him my best!


youre welcome, im drunk