Where do I go from here?

Mr.Blauer, I've attended your SPEAR Instructors course and currently working on disseminating the info to all of our officers. Everyone is pretty excited.

My question is where do I go from here? I am both a law enforcement officer and a martial arts enthusiast. I am looking for a continuing education on SPEAR to keep all of our officers "more dangerous to the bad guy." But, I am also seeking self growth.

Should I continue to attend the Combat Ground Fighting, Weapons Control etc. Instructor Development Courses...or should I look into Chu Fen Do or PDR (not sure about the difference between those two either)?

Thanks for the help - hope to see you at the TTPOA conference in Houston,

Johnny Guerrero

Johnny Guerrero,

My first response would be to attend our Confined Space Combatives, No-Time-To-Shoot/No-Room-To-Shoot, Combat Groundfighting or Weapon Control Courses as all provided excellent tools and tactics for personal growth that can easily be transfered to your LEO Instruction.

However, the PDR session is the most powerful cerebral session that I have attended and it continues to get better each time. Although alot of the fundamental physical skills are introduced and developed at these sessions, i.e. SPEAR Fundamentals, Close Quarter Tool Development, Point of Domination Principles, etc. it is my psychological arsenal that benefits the most. My understanding of the street confrontations and how they will impact me, creates the greatest confidence and allows me to access those physical skills.

As for Chu Fen Do...the material offered in the correspondance pkg. will compliment your present SPEAR and MA skills as well. My biggest realization though, was that, although the videos provide a wealth of knowledge, nothing substitutes the experience of actually being to one of the above sessions in person.

The final decision will come down to what you can afford at this time and what is available to you.

ONe last suggestion though...The PDR Combat Camp is also a big hit and covers a little bit of evrything in a short intensive weekend.

Hope that I haven't made this more difficult for you :)

Sean Mulligan

Hey Sean, met you at AACOG last year. I appreciate the help. Thanks

Hey Johnny, either stop by our booth or get into my class and we can
talk more in Texas.