Where do I start?

Mr. Blauer, I believe I am ready to purchase one of your tapes for the purpose of developing fear control in confrontation, etc. My question is which of your tapes would you suggest I get to start with, considering it will probably be the only one I get for the time being? Thank you in advance for your answer.

If someone else can answer me that is cool too.


Thats a tough one. There are so many that compliment one another.

Could you let me know where you rate yoursefl in terms of physical skills [for self-defense] developement?

We have some inexpensive audios. But there are videos too. The more specifically you can define the 'fear' you face the better I can direct.


Thanks for responding. I would have to stay pretty humble and say that even though I have been involved in training to some degree for 25 years, because of my inconsistancy,my skills are not very,shall we say ingrained. I started with Aikido under Glenn Kimoto (2 years), Kenpo with Sifu Joe Meyer in 1978 (1 year or a little less) MUCH high school wrestling (75-78,wow that was a long time ago!) but since then most of my practice has been in a combination of Escrima mixed with some Penkat Silat(SP) with Guro Brian Laufer,though I would never pretend to represent his skills as a teacher.I am also just below blue belt level in BJJ with Claudio Franca. I guess it could be said that while I possess a fair wealth of information, my physical imprinting and application is pretty dismal. In other words, using anything that I think I know in a stressful situation just might not happen the way I envision as ideal. (con't)

The fear I speak of is of not being able to maintain the composure nescessary to impliment what skills I do have in the crunch, or to defuse a situation before it comes to a physical situation. Is that the sort of answer you were looking for?

Racer X,

I applaud your honesty. Sometimes it is hard for us to recognize some deficiencies in our training. You have taken the first step in realizing that YOU have to do something about it.

There are so many videos in the Blauer Tactical library that can help you with your concerns.

Purchasing "The Be Your Own Body Guard" package would be my first suggestion as well as the three audio tapes.

Go into Coach's website www.tonyblauer.com and take some time to look through the whole website. You will find descriptions of the videos as well as some feedback from people like you and me, on the material.

For right now, I would suggest you set up some time for scenerio training. For example...if you are worried about your skills in an intensive confrontation, re-create one and work through the scenerio step by step. You will be able witness the areas with which you need to work on more. Remember to tax your arsenal...if your ground game is good, then do not soley utilize your ground arsenal. Work through all the ranges of fighting (BTS has 8)and you will get a true understandning of what you need to focus on.

I have lots of my friends in the martial arts community expressing the same concerns. I always tell them to re-create the moment and go from there.

Take care and I hope you find some answers.

Robb Finlayson

PDR Coach


Thanks Robb, I will look into the BYOBG package. I appreciate the quick response, too. Another question: Will there be any Silicon Valley seminars related to my needs any time soon?

The Valley could happen I do have interest there and affiliates, but nothing palnned.

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thanks mr. blauer I also live in the same general area (bay area)and would love to go to one of your seminars

Racer X and bjoe,

I live in Lodi and am currently working on my PDR certification. If either of you would like to get together for some training and get the ball rolling for a Blauer seminar feel free to email me at: