Where Do The Heavyweights Train In Las Vegas?

I'm Living in Vegas and I was wondering which Gyms have a few decent Heavy's?


if I traned with kimbo, then i would def be a ultamate fighter!!!!11!1!!

TTT for useful answers.

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Thank You!

And for the record, I'm no longer a Long-haired Hippie, I'm one of those douche bags with a faux-hawk.

Yeah, I'm at Tapout now. Only one other Heavyweight, and He isn't always there.

I ask because I have a fight coming up in a month and I'd like to get used to fighting guys my own size.

And I'd love to get together and enjoy a beer.

And I mean at Pro Team Practice, I'm not saying there aren't any big guys at Tapout, just not at Pro Practice.


 I've been wondering this same thing for quite some time now.  Depending on the time of year coutures has guys that are pretty consistent Ray, Brice, forrest, blagaoi, rodrigo, and maurice is there sometimes.  Roy does his training in his basement or at golds gym on lakemead an buffalo and mir has his own gym he goes too in way north vegas.  Pena's has a good group of 205ers which isnt a bad option considering 205ers tend to be better for training as far as consistency is concerned.  Gilbert Yvel trains with himself at JSec there are a few boxers over there from what I hear but im not sure who he grapples with.  Jay white supposedly trains at wands and unlv.  Brian Hume was training at throwdown and drysdales before i left.  This is all off the top of my head.  There are actually alot of talented heavy weights out there but you couldn't pay them to get in the same room together consistently believe me I tried.  It has to be one of the weirdest things I've seen considering none of them have fought and can avoid each other quite easily.  Too many egos. I got frustrated an left plus training out there is a tad bit pricey

 Hey Todd, just sent you a message on here. Let me know what you think.

I'd vote you up if I could Todd! You got any fights lined up? Cant wait too see you in back in the cage Phone Post

Thanks Ryan and Todd.

The Heavyweights are the guys you're least likely to see in the gym consistently anyway, right? lol :)

I'll have to do some leg work and check a few places out.

Thanks again for the suggestions.

 certain days and xc theres a bunch of heavy weights

Maurice is my boy.

Thanks Keith, What would be a good day to check out Extreme Couture and hope to find a couple HW's?

This is a problem no matter where you go. Most gyms are clogged up with lightweights.