Where do UFC get their judges?

I am asking this question because of the fact that 2 out of the 3 judges scored the Hughes/Verissimo fight 30-27 for Hughes. This obviously means that they gave the first round for Hughes. Verissimo dominated Hughes in the first round coming very close to submitting Hughes.

Are the UFC judges appointed by the NSAC? What are the qualifying criteria for the judges? The qualifying criteria for the judges definitely needs to be looked into.

Check Millers thread 'Want to be a Judge'. More there about the subject

they come straight from pride!

The UFC judges are either blind...or don't score submission attempts at all :(

How anyone could have given Hughes that 1st round is beyond me

You have already answered your on question.

I don't have a problem with Hughes winning the fight 29-28. The second round should have been the only round in question. Something needs to be done about this before an obvious decision is wrong maybe even in a title fight. Let's say Verissimo dominated the second round like he did the first and Hughes won the split decision. I think with what a great weekend it has been for MMA it is easy to let this issue slide. Something definitely needs to be done about this.

Zuffa definitely needs to do something about this? Is this being looked into. A boxing judge should not be judging an MMA fight. They need to get qualified judges.

We tell the first time viewer that just because the guy is on top, he is not winning the fight. I would expect the judges to know this. My wife even knew Verissimo won the first round.

They are hobos wandering the streets of Vegas and UFC pays them in beer.

Zuffa should definitely use this as a warning call before a major robbery does occur perhaps even in a title fight. I understand that the NSAC appoints the judges, but Zuffa should work with them to ensure that the judges are qualified to judge mma.

"incompetent judges screws the fighters and the fans"

BTC, very well said. How must the fighters feel knowing that the judges don't have a clue and that it's anyone's game if it goes the distance.

Also I would think the UFC would want to fix this problem as this type of judging promotes getting the takedown and holding on for dear life to win a decision. We know the UFC won't want fighters like that, but what happens when they've established themselves in the UFC, but lay and pray becomes the best strategy to win a title fight.

"Also, Dana may have been in their ear."

I feel this theory holds no water. If Dana would have been in their ear they would have scored the bout 29-28 for Hughes. It makes more sense that the boxing judges just don't have a clue when it comes to MMA.

Jeremy L thats some funny shit. TTT
"erissimo got royally screwed, he owned hughes the whole fight, every round. were gonna find out later that they read the results backwards and it was Verissimo that won 30-27 "

Anyone that thinks Hughes won any of those rounds need to get their eyes checked. Verissimo owned Hughes' ass the whole fight, Hughes did nothing but lay and pray the whole fight, and still got the UNANIMOUS decision????

The only round Hughes moved from a praying position was in the third, he was a bit more active, but at best it was a tie, not a win for hughes!

One of three things is going on:

1. Judges don't know how to judge an MMA fight
2. winners are pre-determined by Dana if it goes to decision
3. if you're a Brazilian fighting an American, you better finalize your opponent or you will be robbed!!

I have no problem with Hughes winning the fight 29-28 although I had it 29-28 for Verissimo. The thing is Verissimo could have easily got a 10-8 round in the first.

All of the judges are ex-MFS members I'll bet....

--- "are the judges names and scorecards available to us pee-ons?"



Abe Balardo and Dalby Shirley scored the bout 30-27 and Nelson Hamilton scored it 29-28.