Where do you buy gauze for handwraps?

For every one who wraps hands:

Where do you buy your rolls of gauze? For the last year I've been buying boxes from Title Boxing online. I've searched everywhere and this seems like the only place online.

Have you checked medical supply companies?

big drug stores might have it. byt yeah, online med supply is the cheapest.

 raid somebody's first aid kit


Kirik -  Walmart

My walmart must really suck. They only have small rolls of really expensive sterile gauze, usually less than a few yards in length.

Kirik as much trouble as I have had finding it online, you should start selling it and I'll just order it from you.



about 8 bucks for a box of 12

you can get gauze and tape at any med supply.

Kirik -  Walmart

 I was gonna say WalGreens or CVS.  I have always just hit a pharmacy.

I get Tape from family dollar for $1. best deal I've found.



Walgreens and Walmart are too expensive if you wrap much and the rolls are really small. Combat Sports has the large rolls for alot better price. I havent tried some of the other sites listed.