Where do you rank avenged sevenfold in greatest

…metal band discussion?

Pre Nightmare CD they were the most enjoyable metal band since early Megadeth. Some of the most flawless guitar work I’ve heard in a band and their drummer was one of my all time favorites.



I don't think they're in the discussion. Can you make the case that they should be? Post links, I like hearing new (to me) tunes that are good. 

I don’t.

Talented musicians but theyre not even a top 50 band for me. Just could never get into the vocals. I love the drums and guitar though.


If I was younger probably a lot higher. They basically took all the classic metal bands and blended it into one sound. Kind of surprising a band like them didn’t show up sooner.

Not really a fan though personally.

Fuck those fake metal cunts. I remember when they were on warped tour mocking metal then two years later showed up on ozzfest pretending it never happened. Hope they all end up like the rev

Many thousands of places below GWAR.

I enjoy a lot of there work but they’re not even on the list. 

So what you guys are trying to say is top 5, right?

The Destroyer88 - So what you guys are trying to say is top 5, right?

Lmao literally nowhere near the list.

theyre just one of the modern mainstream acts.. them five finger death pinch, disturbed are all in the same category (i hate those other two bands).

theyre good musicians, but vocals suck balls, their gimick is cheesy as all hell, and I've heard they don't actually play music live, they use recordings.

Avenged Sevenfold is a completely forgettable metal band that will have no long-term legacy. They’re the contemporary version of bands like Ratt and Dokken. Popular during their era, but completely forgotten once they stop getting airplay.

Where do they rank , nowhere in the discussion of all time greats . I’m gonna guess you are fairly young .