Where do you take the GILF in this lineup?

I’m an older guy who has a lot of female acquaintances as old or older than this broad who I think are better looking. I’ll give her credit for having a decent body (other than the fake tits) but she’s not pretty at all. A former coworker of mine will be 62 in December and if you met her and she said she was 20 years younger you’d believe her. Another one is already 63 and looks better as well, couldn’t shave 20 off her but if she claimed 50 she could get away with it.

Only #6 has a model face to me, maybe #7 too but her face is a little mannish.

1st on the left is by far the best. This poll is strange af.
Edit: I just now understand Granny is last.

There is a dude in the lineup and that very well could be him. The only ones I’m 99% confident aren’t dudes are #2, gilf, and #6

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Far right and center are the only ones that look like trannies.

It’s probably center, they are standing like a dude

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I take her to golden corral for a nice classy buffet style dinner!

Granny has an ugly mug.

I bet granny has a nice bush and a meaty vagina. Just like I like em!

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Probably real saggy dry and loose

Just like I like em! :joy:


That’s Jared Goff’s gf, and I agree.


assuming no one has a penis, last or next to last.
123 7654

yeah, she looks good for 57 but in her prime, she’d still be close to the end.

I’m afraid to play this game as I suspect at least one or two of them have an extra surprise for anyone looking to get their clothes off.


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Tex, trust me. Theis is the OG, at least 4 of them broads are dudes…

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You can have granny let me at the ebony babe.