Where does Amanda Nunes rank as a UFC all timer

Champ-champ with multiple title defenses so she ranks higher than Conor all time that’s for damn sure


That’s like saying a kickball champ is better than a major league soccer player. Woman’s MMA is a fucking joke- 2-5 good fighters in total- that’s alll weights and promotions


Best female probably. Outside the top 500 overall.

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^Talking about skills. She’s up there in accomplishments, like it or not. Female titles are a lot less impressive than men’s though so it’s hard to say exactly where she ranks all time.

Ok let’s look at this - how does Peña 2-2 in her last 4 fights get a title shot? How is Lauren Murphy a contender? The divisions are weak as fuck and a ton of fill ins- look at any mens division 1 thru 10 and tell me it’s even a conversation. Nunes is tough probably the best we have seen but come on - she crushes cans


I’d kick her ass, and I’m a dainty little faggot.

GOAT belongs nowhere near her.


She is a foot note.

The division is paper thin and a niche sport. She should never be considered an ATG all the likes of GSP, Royce, etc.

Thats like saying Megan Rapinoe should stand next to Pele as all time great soccer player.



Also add to the fact that a regional promoter can EASILY put together a MMA fight card full of men.

It would be virtually impossible to create a women only card where I am from. At most you might get 1 female fight.


She doesn’t. You can’t rank WMMA with real MMA. She’s like the winner of the special Olympics.


She doesn’t even register. Someone asked Dana this question last night and he correctly skipped over it and gave an alternate answer on who the men’s goat is.