Where does Franklin go from here?

That is a tough loss for Franklin. Where does he go from here. His stocks was just starting to go up but now with a KO loss, that's gotta hurt his status as an upcoming top contender fighter. Would Dana white be interested now on matching him against UFC top LHWs. If Rich beats the likes of Vitor, Tito or Chuck, what would that say about the level of UFC fighter compare to Pride or other Japanese Events. If he lose to UFC top LHWs, it would be like "so what".

Up (Franklin not the thread).

I hope he can get fights in Pride or K-1(MMA) and re-deem himself. I think that is the only way he'll be able to get back on track, otherwise, wixom is correct with "back to B level shows".

Franklin has really never been a great fighter. I feel it was a lucky win over Tanner. He wouldnt come close to Lidell, Ortiz, Belfort, Couture. I am surprised that he isnt still at B levels.

This is part of the growing proccess for MMA as well as Franklin.

We have to learn that just because a fighter loses to another good fighter doesn't drop his stock.

Lyoto and Franklin will meet again with a belt on the line.

If Lyoto hasn't suffered a loss and had to tighten his game by that time - he may be the one at a who is at a disadvantage.

ttt for Franklin and Lyoto.

UFC should still use him for sure, maybe match him up against a b level opponent so he can get back on track then move on to A level guys like Babalu.

"We have to learn that just because a fighter loses to another good fighter doesn't drop his stock."

I hope you're right. I think he has a lot of potential. But UFC has the habit of not inviting back fighters who came off a loss. I hope he will be one of the exeptions and see him back in the UFC mix as well as Pride shows.

I hear you.

I know you are right.

But by that logic Joe Louis, Jack Dempsey, Marvin Hagler, Salvador Sanchez and so many other fighters would never have gotten a shot.

Very short sighted way to look at things.

Why was Tiger White exempt?

I am not saying you are wrong - I am lamenting the flawed promotional logic that makes you right.

Carlos Newton is another example of someone who is exciting enough that the record is not as important as the performance.

Franklin has had more than a couple of fights and there aren't many UFC guys ahead of him. It would be wise to bring him back. Even a rematch vs Lyoto would be a win win for UFC they either build a new attraction or rebuild a young contender.

Diaz vs Jackson 3

what do you mean where does he go? this guy is the best fighter in the LHW, remember? he can beat randy, tito and belfort because he KOed the robotic evan tanner. did everyone forget about that?

his new years eve fight doesn't count, it was a fluke. well, it was in a japanese event, so it was probably just a work. don't worry about it, franklin is still the best.

Tony D - so his loss proves he was completely overrated and revealed that he sucks?

well, if he really lost that is true. but since it was in japan its probably just a worked fight.

so don't worry guys, everything is okay. franklin is the most dominant fighter at 205.

So is your bitch that people scream "work' when they don't like the outcome of a fight in Japan


That people overrated Franklin



Tough loss sure, but he will still hold a belt by the end of the year.

this thread makes me want to vomit

the japanese works have made me want to vomit before, but since i'm half japanese i just promised my stomach a few extra bucks to not do it.

Charles is correct.

It's so F'd up that when someone is willing to fight and suffers a loss that all of a sudden he sucks or falls to the bottom of the heap. Its reality fighting, in reality people lose, it doesn't mean they suck. Idiots.

Man, I thought I was cynical but I guess I still believe in Santa.

You guys are killing me.....

One loss and he is no good ? Please.....

If you are actively competing a loss shouldn't suprise anyone, not
learning from the loss is the Loss.

This place is crazy.