Where does the fine go?

The standard 1st time penalty is 2 year suspension, and a 33% fine. If USADA is doing the testing, investigating, and adjudicating, surely the money can't be used for their benefit? If the opponent of the penalized fighter, passed their drug test, it would seem logical that they would be entitled to some of it? If a fighter misses weight, they're fined, and it goes to the opponent. Likely to compensate them for agreeing to fight at a disadvantage. It's the same principle, except they never agreed to this disadvantage. Phone Post 3.0

The fine goes to the state they are licensed in. The commission can retroactively impose a portion of that fine to go to the cheaters opponent but why would they? It's free money they would be giving away. Hence the Tom foolery involved with commissions. They are under no direction to give a fighter a fair appeal, if they overturn a suspension then that's money they are losing in the form of a fine. Hence the reason hunto won't see any portion of cock lesnars purse. Phone Post 3.0

But he didn't fail a state drug test. Are you sure USADA penalties go to the state? Phone Post 3.0

Nobody knows? Phone Post 3.0

I just find it hard to believe that USADA makes a ruling on a fighter, collects the fine, then gives it to the athletic commission that had nothing to do with it. Plus, these are out of competition tests, so there is really no connection to an athletic commission. Phone Post 3.0

What if it was for a fight out of country, with no athletic commission at all? Phone Post 3.0