Where does the OG stand on these important issues..?

First thing first!

Is OP a fag?

  • Yes
  • Absolutely!

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Now that that’s out of the way, where does the OG stand on these important issues:

You should always carry a pocket knife?

  • Yes, I’m active and work with my hands!
  • No, I just got done moisturizing my cock grabbers!

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Watermelon flavored candy is the most bullshit of flavors:

  • Yup, fuck that noise!
  • Grape is the worst!
  • Orange (man) bad!
  • Some other (wrong) flavor

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The best way to survive a fight against multiple attackers is:

  • Pull your pants down and pee all over yourself
  • Tell them you know Kravmaga/Aikido while dancing around
  • Say, “look there’s an owl” and point behind them, remove ninja powder bomb from fanny pack and disappear into the night.

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