Where does this Leave SWICK MW?

How can we rank him now?



leben, then the loser of franklin/silva


terrell or Salaverry should be next. Swick gassed in the 3rd pretty bad imagine agaisnt Franklin who we all know can push the pace right back for the entire 5 rounds literally non- stop. Plus Franklin will be enourmous against him and be throwing him around like a doll. Dunt know if he is ready but if Franklin needs another Highlight reel KO feed him on down

what have terrell, marquardt, or salavary done lately in the ufc to deserve a title shot?

He should have to beat Tanner or Marquart to get to Franklin.

Lots of guys to fight.

Pat Cote, Marquart (SP), Leben.
I would say put him against 1 more guy and if he wins, title shot!

"Swick's not ready for Franklin.
Reasonably, it should be him and Anderson next."

I agree. Or have him fight Leben first.

needs to fight a few more times... tanner, marqaurt,terrel then a title shot if he wins all three..

HR is correct.

Swick Vs Leben would be a great match up.

Lebens coming off a big loss and a decent win makes no sense for swick to fight him now. After swick gets KOed by Franklin then Swick vs. Leben.