Where does Tom Cruise rank all time as an action

I remember drunken master 2, he was as old or older than his mom and dad

Scientology is really weird. I think it’d be interesting to learn about, just for shock value. Is that Leah Remini show about it any good?
(though she’s kinda nuts & bitchy herself, it seems like)
On a side note, I heard on the radio a week or two ago that Cruise apparently wants to start dating Angelina Jolie.

Even for Scientology, its super weird. They were making the baby, Suri, very public and putting out pictures for the tabloids. One day, she leaves him and takes the kid, and thats the last anyone ever talks about it.

2 more weeks till the GOAT returns

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Tom is probably the last true Hollywood Star. Motherfucker is almost 60 and he is still ushering in the summer with blockbuster movies. GOAT!


arnold in his prime was goatmode

The reviews for this are so good, you’d think Tom is personally threatening everyone with a Xenu level ass kicking. Would like to see this in Imax. Usually I don’t care enough to even do more than wait to watch it at home. The last movie I actually paid to see was Endgame.

I expect nothing less from Tom. I will watch it in theaters