Where does your taste in music stem from?

My mom was a teen in the 60s, so I grew up listening to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, suffice it to say I am a much bigger Stones fan. I got the Rolling Stones tongue tattooed on my rib last month as a little homage to my mom, plus that tongue is just fucking iconic and I wanted it on me. My older sister listened to a lot of 90s hip hop, 2 Pac, Biggie, and Bone Thugs. I can undoubtedly say the female side of my family is where I got my musical taste from. My brother kinda listened to everything my sister did, although I was introduced to Black Sabbath when my older brother played Iron Man on a loop when he first discovered them.

My dad listened to Vicente Fernandez…I don’t listen to anything Mexican.

Thanks mom and sis!

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Growing up I was mostly into early 90s female R&B and rap. SWV, Salt N Peppa, Ice Cube, Snoop, Dre. Then my uncle Jon introduced me to grunge, early Green Day, some more rap like Cypress Hill. That’s kind of when I got into other bands like Rage, Sublime, STP.

Then my older uncle got me into Petty, the Doors, Zeppelin and older rock which I really liked. Kind of very specific bands though. I got to know my biological Dad a bit better around this time and he got me into the 70’s, early 80’s stuff like Sabbath, ZZ Top, Deep Purple.

In high school though I was mostly listening to ICP and somehow my brothers got me to stop listening to that and got me into lyrical hip-hop. Redman, the Roots, Gang Starr. That shit changed my life.

I did a radio show with my friend when I moved to Oregon and he got me into Dylan, the Stones, T-Rex, Velvet Underground, the Pixies. Those bands became some of my faves. The Stones became my favorite band.

My ex somehow got me to enjoy 80’s music which was one of my most hated genres and now I love it. Haha. Never would’ve imagined I’d be on road trips singing to 80’s radio. Love getting old cause I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks. Haha.


Dunno tbh. Parents liked traditional. Also pop and nice sounding singy stuff.

I like terrible punk and metal. Grew up listening to Zappa albums. Now I’ve got a full collection. From there it went black Sabbath, GG Allin, antiseen, Megadeth, DK, Slayer, exodus, Sabbat, nunslaughter, etc.

I dunno, i like what i like.

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Its linked to IQ to a great extent when it comes to overall genres. This flows through even to SAT scoring. Tons of research on it. In short, if you like rap and hip hop you are fuckin braindead

Honestly just from my myself and what interested me. My parents were not really big into music and for the most part my brother and I were very different in music styles. Even my friends and I would differ in music always to at least some degree.

I got this book in 2006 I was 18 or 19 or so at the time.

I would go through this book every payday, I’d pick 5 albums and go to the record store. I’d buy my 5 albums and 3 grams of weed from my dealer.

I did that every week for a couple of years.


I was born in 70. Mom was a born just a little late beatnik and dad was a nam volunteer from Texas, the definition of rockabilly.
She was an artist and he was a great player/singer. I grew up, literally from the womb, listening to great music. Country rock, basically, in the 70s while genres were being put in a blender.

My love for Hank SR, Cash, Waylon, Coe, Willie, Townes, all come from my dad and the guys he chose to play music with when I was a little OGer.


Born in 82. Had a brother that was into metal. My first ever cassette was Cannibal Corpse - Eaten Back To Life when I was in the third or fourth grade. Eventually got into stuff like Alice in Chains and Primus in middle school.
Early high school I was listening to a lot of 70s rock. Zeppelin, AC/DC, Floyd, George Thorogood etc etc. By the end of high school I was starting to get into hardcore and the various spin-offs of that genre. A little punk here and there but that was mostly limited to the first rancid album, rancid 2000, Murphy’s Law and Poison Idea.

I used to download random bands and also helped run a metal channel on mIRC when I was a teen. So I found a lot of bands through exploration and recommendations from others in the mIRC room.

By 19 or so I started listening to a lot of blues. Mississippi Delta blues and shit like that. R.L. Burnside and T-Model Ford etc.
I was also listening to a lot of sludge and doom around that time. Eyehategod and Acid Bath and a bunch of other bands that barely anyone has heard of I’m sure.

Early 20s I started listening to a lot of krautrock and pyschedelic stuff. Noise rock was picking up for me too. The Melvins and The Cows and the Jesus Lizard etc.

And now I’m old and hate everything new but luckily I have an endless supply of stuff I still enjoy.

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When I was a kid, I loved the Beatles. Owned a bunch of Beatles records.

Then, as a teenagers, got into Ozzy Osborne and Iron Maiden. Then the more thrashy stuff that came along in the late 80’s.

Then a girlfriend left a Replacements tape in my car.

To me, that had the biggest effect on my musical tastes.

If you were to take some heavy metal or punk rock, mix it with some Beatles, and throw in a lot of sarcasm, The Replacements are kind of what you get.

So most of the bands I’ve liked since then have that Replacements sound and delivery to it.

Grew up dancing to dancehall reggae and the beginnings of reggaeton in Panama in the 90’s. Turned 18 and moved to the US and got more into rock and electronic music in the late 90’s early 2000s. Watched the movie cold mountain in the mid 2000s during the bluegrass revival and really got into bluegrass. The 2 genres I listen to now are reggae, both traditional and dancehall and bluegrass.


My parents listened to country while I was growing up … so I fucking hate it.

I’ve always liked hip hop/ rap. No reason, it just sounds good to me, always has.

I’ve also always loved gritty punk, listened to some hardcore too. Went to a thousand shows between high school and college. These days I still like punk, just with a little more production value. Never been the biggest fan of metal.

Classic rock just just gay boring music. That shit has never been appealing.

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Hip hop/rap is one genre I never got into

Grew up with just Dad. He’s a teen of the late 60’s and early 70’s. Favorite artist is Jimi. That’s where my taste came from. Classic rock, rock, metal for me…

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When I moved to a new town at age 9 I didn’t know anybody, the first people I fell in with were my new neighbours and they were metal heads. I grew up with them listening to Anvil, Ratt and other groups like Samhain, The Misfits etc. We were always eating junk jamming to music, gaming & watching old horror movies / action movies from the eighties mainly.

My taste in music comes from those days, my first exposure to music being the Misfits really, but all these movie soundtracks and other bands turned me into what I like today with Samhain, The Misfits, Oingo Boingo, Devo being my top favorite bands to this day.


Friends, relatives, chicks I’ve banged and places I’ve lived.

90s NY metal/hardcore scene. Great thing to have been a part of.

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My first girlfriend’s older sister gave me a couple of great CDs, and when I responded positively, she gave me BOOKLETS of amazing burned CDs.
Looking back, I have no idea how this high school senior girl was tuned into the best of metal, electronic, industrial music, etc. I think she might’ve been an angel sent to get me into great music - everything from Burzum to Boards of Canada.

Deep Purple Smoke on the Water first favorite song.

There was a ghetto ass disco downtown atl that those of us too young to go would sneak too and stack junk to look in a window and you could hear it pretty good.

Earth Wind and Fire, all manner of disco of course, and at home my Dad was all about Hendrix and other rock.

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More or less this. Reading reviews and critics. Buying highly regarded albums in genres I kandnew nothing about and then exploring from there.

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