Where does your taste in music stem from?

Can’t cite it but I remember that historically (post 1950’s) your parents tastes influences you a bit as a preteen, but then teenage culture dominates to middle aged. Then middle aged people don’t know many bands in the top 100 anymore. That shows how popular music is marketed to teens and how your taste is primarily based on your teen years/early twenties

Obviously genre influences as well. And usually there is a regional cultural element to your taste in genre. Alftosky’s post is a good example; it’s both an era and a region that is intrinsically tied to the genre.

I mostly listen to coffee/wine Music. Portuguese Fado, Bossa Nova, Tony Bennett, Norah Jones, African Music, Puto Mayo stuff, French Cafe music, Vince Guaraldi…and classical baroque type music

I come from peasant stock and my parents did not listen to such music. Not sure where the inclination came from.

I was born in 1951. I’m the youngest of 6 children - 3 boys & 3 girls. My eldest brother was 18 years older than me. I was fortunate that my parents and all of my siblings loved music and each of them had different tastes. So I grew up with a wide variety of music to listen to. Everything from Tin Pan Alley to Jazz, Pop, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Soul, and all of the great music from my generation (the 60’s & 70’s) and now my son’s and my grandchildren’s music - which they share with me knowing I try to keep an open mind when it comes to music.

I was born in the 80s and live in a small country town so I grew up listening to (at the time) modern country. I was pretty much only into 80s and 90s country until I hit high school and new friends introduced me to different types of music.

I had never heard a single song from Metallica until Enter Sandman from their Black Album, it came out I think in 90 or 91, and I never heard it until 96 or 97. I just never bothered listening to anything else besides what I grew up with because I figured it would suck.

Metallica would lead to White Zombie, Manson, Nirvana, STP, Shinedown, all those 90s alternive bands that were great.

Now I listen to more or less those same bands.

However the last 3-4 years I’ve found myself adding all kinds of songs to my playlist, no certain type… just incredibly random. I figured I’m compensating for everything I’ve missed out on when I was younger lol.

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I grew up in the 70’s. My Mom likes Judy Collins, John Denver and listened to easy listening from the 70’s and a little bit of Elvis. Our car was always set to either an easy listening station or an oldies station. Dean Martin’s Standing on the Corner and Everybody Loves Somebody got a lot of play.

My Dad listened to whatever was on the radio but loved the movies “Singing in the Rain,” “The Benny Goodman Story,” and “The Great Caruso.”

I was introduced to the Beatles through the Beatles cartoon series. Two of my favorite shows were the The Muppet Show and The Monkees. The Muppets in particular introduced me to a lot of music like Girl from Ipanema, Mr Cellophane, and The Lullaby of Broadway and Buddy Rich having a drum duel with Animal. We had a cassette tape of Disney Songs that my brother and I listened to until it wore out.

I was introduced to a lot of the Great American Songbook through movie musicals. Our local theater had this summer program where kids could go watch a different movie every day. Old stuff like Brigadoon, Dr Doolittle, and Shakiest Gun in the West. That was also the kind of stuff they showed in TV then. That and things like HeeHaw, the Barbara Mandrel Show, Lawrence Welk, and Jerry Lewis Telethons. That might be how I became a fan of Sinatra.

Sinatra was maybe the most influential artist on my life and tastes. I think I might have discovered him trying to learn more about the music Dad liked. Which is funny because Dad wasn’t so into Frank. He respected how Sinatra stood by his friends and knew the stories how he’d help out people but not such a huge fan of his music. Where as for me, people were calling me to offer condolences when he died. I wasn’t that distraught. Never met the man, but maybe people thought it was my version of a Kurt Cobain moment. I appreciate the concern if nothing else.

I picked up classic rock through friends and U2 and the Eagles when my brother went to college. I got into Motown through the movie “The Commitments”

My 3rd grade teacher had the class listen to “Cats” as a music appreciation thing and I was hooked on Loyd Webber. My brother brought home a copy of Les Miserables and I must have listened to that a thousand times. Local theater company did a performance of Sweeney Todd and I was a Sondheim fan for life.

Great American Songbook and singers like Ella Fitzgerald, Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, Sammy Davis Jr is home base for me.

I listen to mostly Motown and Classic Rock when I workout and also while driving. But lately have gotten back into the stuff my Mom listens to. John Denver, Kenny Rogers, James Taylor. Long plane trips or when I just want to really listen, I listen to concept albums or show soundtracks.

If I really think about it, everything I listen to is a reflection of the people and times that make me who I am. I listen as much for the music as I do the memories.

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You a Popcaan fan? Busy?

The Strokes. I had shit music taste as a teenager, when I heard The Modern Age at 21 it changed my life completely, I literally stopped everything I’d been working towards and my life has been about music ever since

I should mention The White Stripes too, those two bands blowing up took my exploration of music in very different directions. Stripes are the reason I have a blues genre in my record collection and the likes of Son House, Skip James, Memphis Slim, Lightinin Hopkins… You have to listen to guys like this to even begin to understand where nearly all genres of modern rock music stem from

Brothers and sisters. They’re all older than I am. I was listening to the Dead in 7th grade. My first album was The Who, Who’s Next. That was 3rd or 4th grade.

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Fuck yeah

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Jahmiel is good too

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I grew up on a diet of mostly 70s country music (mom) and public radio orchestral music (dad). I didn’t start listening to rock/pop until middle school. I also played saxophone from 4th grade, so I knew how to read music.

One Christmas I got Peter Frampton live album. That was my first album. I played the shit out of that. Then later in high school I heard Van Halen, and specifically Eruption. That blew my mind. It made me want to learn to play guitar. I built an electric guitar from a kit, and started reading guitar magazines. I learned about many different guitar players through that, bought lots of obscure albums. I listened to jazz, I listened to Jaco Pastorius, Jean Luc Ponty, Alan Holdsworth, Al Dimeola. I got the issue of guitar player mag where they used to have a thin 45 in the mag to play samples of amateur players - one of those was Yngvie Malmsteen.

My wife is the daughter of a professional musician and jazz arranger, and she was friends with Ingrid Pastorius, Jaco’s ex, and mother of Oscar and Felix Pastorius. I saw a ton of jazz acts. I was at Arturo Sandoval’s first concert after he defected to America from Cuba; he was a friend of my father in law.

In the mid 90s I got sent to Malaysia for a month when I was an engineer. Malaysia is mostly Muslim, but also has large Chinese and Indian populations. I was there during Ramadan, and this was still basically pre internet. The TV in the hotel only played Bollywood movies and old men discussing the koran. They had one hour of CNN in English, and that was the only English they had. So I ended up watching a few Bollywood movies and kind of dug the music. I have a ton of Indian music in my phone now.

These days I listen to a mash of classic rock and modern prog metal. About the only thing I never really got into was country music. But there are some acts in that genre I like.

Born in ‘59 to young parents who were both music lovers, raised on Elvis, The Platters, The Drifters, Eddy Arnold, Roy Orbison, Beach Boys/Jan & Dean, Chubby Checker, Everly Brothers, etc. When I was 5 my mother’s younger sister bought “Meet the Beatles” a couple of days before they appeared on Ed Sullivan and it started a new era. We also had all the Glenn Campbell albums and my ma became enamored of Englebert Humperdink and Tom Jones, while my daddy gravitated to Ray Price, Merle Haggard, etc. pretty eclectic selection at all times. By the mid-‘70s I was bringing my own records into the house: Southern Rock, Bob Seeger, Elton John, Grand Funk, Eagles, etc. and while they didn’t care for some of it, they embraced a good bit of it, so they influenced my taste and I ultimately influenced theirs in turn.

Born in 99 dad listened to rap a lot of Dj Quik , dmx and trick daddy a lot of R&b too like genuine and stuff like that. When I was young I listened to all the old rap was a huge eazy e fan in the 4th grade lol and Eminem was super popular at the time, as I got older I kept listening to rap but started listening to the original songs that were sampled so I listened to a lot of parliament and stuff like that. Now I’m pretty fatigued from rap not a lot of individuality some I like but honestly been looking for something else to get into. Dj Quik still my favorite musician of all time tho