Where Gokors tapes really that bad

Bill Lewis' review of Gokor's first series has pretty harsh (and funny) and I remember that people who purchased it where disappointed, but I do remember some people really enjoyed them. What is the consensus?

I think Andre helped in making the tapes. I hope replies.

LOL! Dont blame me for anything!!

I was simply the uke in a couple of techniques and later did the voice over for his second set. Personally, I like the information on his tapes. I think they seemed strange and impossible when they were released and people were more strict about their grappling (position first ALWAYS), but since then people like Genki and Karo have shown just how well a wild submission style like Gokor's can work if developed.

was Gokor's style mainly catching people in transistions?

What kind of submissions does it show? Mainly leg locks? Does it have any no gi judo stuff?