Where has El Dirte been?

Where has MMA's nicest fighter Joe Doerksen been? Dude is pretty slick!

He's fought twice in the last 2 months, beating a couple of overmatched chumps. Hopefully he gets back in the big show soon. The guy is damn good and has won 7 straight since losing to Marquardt.

ttt for Doerksen! TOugh dude!

Seamus , you should do a thread on your boy Slayton !

i've seen him in the IFL at least once...on carlos newton's team....he's a great, well-rounded fighter....a tough fight for anyone at 185


HKP, you are correct! Let me make one!

I have a great pic that I will contribute !

It is up HPK!

One of my favorite fighters.

Dirty fights and the fans love it!

last I heard he pissed his pants twice in the same day

Interviewed this week by those fuckers at FCF radio: