Where has Evil Yoshida been? June 6 is edition

Where you at @EVILYOSHIDA?

This man gets a lot of hate, but he was the one calling all the lunacy out…10 years ago!


Pick 1

  1. https://i.imgur.com/mv8QWdj.gif

  2. https://i.imgur.com/taR809E.gif

  3. https://i.gifer.com/AMTS.gif

marc rodriguez satellite GIF

ma GIF

Save this GIF for your thread about “getting Arthritis” overnight.

ma GIF

He’s funnier and more palatable than the other CTards on the forum. I kind of miss him.

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I like his posts

You can always find him on his forum

Sad Cry GIF

Hand In Hand Love GIF by New York City Ballet

He hasn’t been on here in a while. But he’s been posting on his own forum.