where is Alex Wysocki?

That guy still pumping his dick full of steroids?

What ever happened with that?

. Phone Post

StevetheWeasel - Too soon, man.

Too soon.

I'm gonna buy some scrap metal sculpture for my coffee table to remember him. Phone Post 3.0

:( Phone Post 3.0

Pretty sure he fucked a dog. Or maybe watched a girl fuck a cat. I can't remember, but there was a story about animal sex.

'Twas hilarious.

He is making angel wings out of old coffee cans.

Shit did he really die? I had no idea. What happened?

Oh god now I can't stop crying.

Thanks for ruining my weekend OP.

Funny dude. Phone Post

In Phone Post 3.0


Lol wtf did he seriously die or are people just messing around? I'm going to feel bad if he is actually dead.

He's dead. You should seriously be ashamed of yourself if you think trolling the forum about a guy who was liked by so many like it's funny.

Ok sorry for asking, really didn't know he died. What happened to him?

Freak accident involving a Frankenstein'ed together VW/hotrod. Phone Post 3.0

There once was a lad named Wysocki
He shoved roid after roid in his cocki
He thought his abs were so firm
But into a corset he squirmed
'Till his girl blew a dog from Milwaukee

He's filming his cult classic porn series "Wysocki Bukkake!"

Prophetic and a little funny but incredibly sad at the same time. Phone Post 3.0

RIP sweet prince. We hardly new ye

Didn't he die destroying the north korean death star? Phone Post 3.0