Where is best place to sit for UFC

I am thinking of going to watch next UFC in Feb. just wondering where to sit? price not a option. Anyone selling Floor as they are not avalible on ticket master ,but what level is best to see the action?
you help is appreciated..

BSF is correct

$150 seats are awesome!You get all the action righ t at eye level you don't need to look up or down on it.The only bad thing is you can also hear the yells of all the fat shit dumbass fans who have no clue what's going on.

If you're getting floor seats, make sure you are getting the first few rows, or else you will be watching the TV thing half the time when it hits the ground. When I went (Mohegan Sun), I was in like the 12th-15th row on the floor, and you just can't see much of it. It was really cool during entrances (I was close to the ramp), or before the event started when everyone was walking around, but not too good during the fights. Hope this helps.