Where is Billy Rush?

Where has he been? I havent heard from or even seen a glimpse of his name anywhere. Did all of them have a falling out? Does his wife Tracy post on here anymore even?

I was thinking the same thing....do the UFC fighters no longer believe in him?

Is he still working closely with J. Gurgel and Franklin?


TTT for some answers


Last I heard he was having "personal issues", but nothing was ever explained and no other comments have been made.

Weird, the guy receives all sorts of acclaim from fighters, and then disappears.

hopefully with Gomi.


too true. What happened to the "mad scientist"??

Danzig, Dewees, Riggs, Alessio or Horn should know.

Yeah the term, "personal demons" got tossed around on here for a bit but nothing was ever elaborated on. It is curious.






No one knows?

TTT for Billy. I hope he gets well soon and is able to work through his personal demons.

Last I heard he was helping a local(Utah) kid cut weight. But that was a littlw over a year ago.

I remember the Riggs interview. He later said he forgave Billy and they were friends still at least or maybe going to work together in the future. Who knows if that ever happened.


Last news on his website is over a year ago.