Where is chan sung Jung? Aka Korean zombie?

The thread name speaks for itself. I heard he got drafted by the military? Phone Post 3.0

Yes he's in the military. Phone Post 3.0

Mandatory 2 years military service.
Still training though. Phone Post 3.0

He did.

Military Phone Post 3.0

I heard that, I honestly thought it was a troll tho lol.... At least he's young enough and still training tho Phone Post 3.0

The Mitch Mitchell Experience - Phone Post 3.0

Damn, tkz FW champ 2017.

Cant wait for his return.... The guy is awesome win, lose or draw Phone Post 3.0

Military service isn't too kind to mma fighters in South Korea. Song Un Shik was a top prospect, undefeated before his two year service, but went 2-3 afterwards and retired early. Kim Hyeong Kwang was another that just wasn't the same after the military. There are a few others whose names I can't recall.

I hope for the best for TKZ, but I won't hold my breath.

BTW the above video is from the North Korean military. TKZ is not serving with them. Phone Post 3.0

The Mitch Mitchell Experience - Phone Post 3.0
Is that dude hitting him with an axe? Wtf! Phone Post 3.0