Where is Chris Brennan?

Anyone heard any updates about Chris Brennan fighting in the GFC in January?


Yes he is

Wow. That's shaping up to be a great card.

like u even know him

He's fighting my boy Rafael Dias on Jan 20th at AA Arena. This show will
be awesome, featuring some nice match ups. Ze Mario Sperry-Wes Sims,
Macaco-Jacare, and more.

there was a thread yesterday that listed the enitre GFC card....I'll try to find and TTT it


Mario Sperry VS Wes Sims?!?!?!

"like u even know him "


Chris, just curious:

Do you still have a school in CA? Because you are in Texas now right?

Chris is fighting Rafael Diaz (ATT)on the GFC card Jan 20th, and is in Texas training. Look up the card on gfcfighter.com Rhallan Gracie, Wes Simms, Ze Mario Sperry, Jacare, Nick Diaz, Charuto, Frank Trigg, Jake Shields, and other in this event.


-Mario Sperry vs. Wes Sims

-Frank Trigg vs. Ivan Jorge

-Nick Diaz vs. Thomas Denny

-Jake Shields vs. Renato "Charuto" Verissimo

-Jorge Patino vs. Ronaldo Souza

-Chris Brennan vs. Rafael Dias

-Rhalan Gracie vs. Andrew Mathews

-Miguel Torres vs. Charlie Valencia


-Ben Saunders vs. Jon Kppenhaver

-Phil Cardella vs. Marcos Avellan

-Daniel Moraes vs. Luis Palomino

-Nissen Osterneck vs. Mitch McElroy

Its a large show, not a small local show, more on the scale of UFC and Pride as far a all facets of production. Sperry and Simms are the only Heavys, but there are several bouts that qualify as co main events (Diaz-Denny, Shields-Charuto, Jacare-Macaco).

"Yes he is "


I am the fight coordinator. Also, that is the offical fight card, but not the confirmed main card order.

Dude, Westsidestrangler IS the infamous Chris Brennan!

So was I. Cool Hope you guys go down and watch it or order the show. It will be tremendous.

"Dude, Westsidestrangler IS the infamous Chris Brennan! "

says who?

TTT for the real answers!

I have heard rumors that Chris Brennan is fighting, but that Chris Brengan is NOT fighting....

Good luck in the fight Chris! Let me know next time you're around CA man