Where is Chris Brennan?

Dan, I will email you the info we discussed.


Chris, you there?


3t for GFC.

Jay call me when you get a chance I just got back and boy what a strange trip.



So close and in the 3rd round too.

Chris is a cool guy.


I guess as long as I'm cool I will be ok.


Chris- I'm a fan of yours since you are so generous in your postings and dealings with us on the UG

Good luck in your next fight. I hope you will be able to show everyone the type of fighter you can be!

Locked in for life :)



Go Chris GO!!!!!!!!

Hey Chris, will you be opening a dojo in the Dallas area soon? If so, will you have a Tae Kwon Do instructor?

I will only have a TKD instructor if someone wants to lease space from em but I will not be opening until leter in the year now as I just signed a 4 fight deal and will be very busy training, fighting, and shipping thousands of pairs of shorts :)

I'm confused, why do you have Hitman on your shorts?

Is that a nickname? I dont suppose you are sponsored by a competing clothing company?

Kying418- Dan actually got me in to the business and I fell I owe him for it. Those are Nogi shorts made by Nogi but they have a hitman logo on the front of them. I guess you could say I don't forget where I came from...