where is cobrinha?

is he in atlanta?

His school is in Sao Paulo

Last I heard he was at Alliance in Atlanta.

I heard he was teaching out of Jacare's school in Atlanta.

I heard he was at Alliance in Atlanta, too. Does anyone know for sure?

He is teaching @ Jacare's Sandy Spring school.
Check their website for schedule.

My boy Cobrinha is now a full time instructor at Alliance Atlanta. If you are within driving distance and don't come and train with him you are absolutely nuts.

He has won the Mundials 2 years in a Row and last year didn't even get a point scored on him.

He in my opinion is the new Terere....trained by him personally and ready to take on the world....(He trains harder than anyone I have ever seen....great work ethic)

My Game has improved so much in the short time that he has been there. Jacare is like a kid in the Candy store learning all of the New Techniques!!

I've heard great things about him.

He visited Marcelo's in NYC this year...and I was sad to have missed his training session!

Jiboia, you have any stories you care to share? I have his dvd and some of
the exercises he does are amazing. I love his game and marvel everytime I
watch his match with Feitosa. I hope to come to Atlanta after the first of
the year.

Jiboia is right, the guy is amazing. He has been at the Atlanta school for about 4-5 months and his english is improving at an amazing rate. Great teacher, very humble and willing to put in the time and explanation to make sure you are doing techniques the right way.

Where's Tomato Can when you need him?

I think he rolled with Cobrinha in class (while he visited NYC), and didnt know who he was....he said it was a very "interesting" experience, if I recall correctly.

ttt for tomato can.

can't wait to hear this story.

kying, what else do you know?

sorry- I dont have any info on the dude, other than I heard he is fantastic.

Ive sparred with alot of the top Alliance black belts and they usually break down into 2 styles, slow methodical with alot of pressure, or fast with no pressure but always attacking

Cobrinha is super super fast. He will give you a leg or arm, and counter your counter and before you know it, hes on your back. He is very similar to Leozinho and Terere in the way he switches his position and attacks.

He also likes to sing


I dont know much about Terere, but it seems like he is an amazing teacher as well.

so what style is cobrinha. seems like he is fast but with lots of
pressure. he sure put the pressure on Feitosa.

i dont know for feitosa, but I didnt feel him when I rolled with him untill he tapped me.

he can pull Omoplata from any position. He uses it to Sweep, to get you to defend so he can go to another position, to Finish.....Amazing with that move.

Once I turned around and Cobrinha was upside down with the omoplata on a guy who was standing up staight.....He finshed him shortly after.

did he break him down back to the ground for the finish? I want to hear more stories. I love his jiu jitsu.

match with feitosa: