Where is Doug Dedge video thread?

there was a thread on here about Doug when he fought in Ukraine? What happened to the thread?

Death of Douglas Dedge (video) RIP
(48)[2845] By: Unclemac1

Doug Dedge sketch
(53)[1218] By: bradu

Question on Douglas Dedges' death
(12)[615] By: per

Where is Doug Dedge video thread?
(1)[0] By: parrishmma

Not any of those. It was a thread titles Death in MMA or something like that. Just got started early today. Now its gone... Thanks for the try though.

Death in MMA
(17)[1394] By: Kane Trojan

Death in MMA will happen one day
(31)[1410] By: Samurai Clown

Death in MMA?
(52)[2236] By: BZLJJ

I do appreciate the help, but my point is that the thread is no longer here. I posted on the thread this morning, but now it's nowhere to be found.

Thanks again for the help, but I guess nobody else knows where it went.